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Climate Controlled Storage in Irvine, CA

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    Climate-controlled storage units can be highly beneficial, especially if you have personal belongings you would like to protect from humidity and extreme temperatures. These units provide your items with a consistent climate, protecting them from warping, wearing down, or losing their luster and value.

    At Affordable Reliable Moving Company, we are committed to providing residents in Irvine, CA, quality climate-controlled warehouse storage, shielding their valuables from damage.

    Climate Control Storage

    Climate control storage units are a type of storage that uses temperature-controlled facilities to maintain a specific temperature range and shield sensitive items from extreme cold or heat. Such units usually maintain temperatures between 55°F and 80°F, offering your valuables year-round protection.

    Temperature Controlled Storage Benefits

    Temperature-controlled storage can offer you the following benefits.

    Extreme Temperature Protection

    Extreme temperatures can severely damage sensitive items, whether it’s below freezing or a hundred degrees. For instance, wood can expand and crack, while vinyl products can warp. Other valuables also tend to lose their color.

    Moisture Protection

    Excess moisture promotes the growth of mold, mildew, and rust, destroying items like clothing and weakening metal items.

    Create Barrier Against Dust

    Dust building up on the components of electronic devices can lead to their malfunctioning. Fortunately, climate-controlled storage creates a barrier against dust and can protect your electronic devices.

    Improve Air Quality

    Regulating temperature goes a long way in improving air quality, which can help you protect your valuable possessions.

    Pay Little Extra and Become Worry-Free

    The slight difference in cost for a climate-controlled storage unit is well worth the peace of mind it will provide you concerning your valuables.

    Ideal Items that Require Temperature Controlled Storage

    While you can store some items in an unregulated space, certain things could significantly benefit from temperature-controlled storage, including:

    • Artwork: Drastic temperature changes and moisture can damage your paintings and antiques.
    • Wine: Using climate-controlled storage can help wine retain its quality better.
    • Books and Documents: Excess humidity and extreme temperatures can warp and fade paper-based items.
    • Musical Instruments: Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on brass and string instruments and percussions.
    • Furniture: Humid environments create ideal conditions for mold and mildew to collect on wooden and upholstered furniture. Extreme cold can also shrink furniture.

    Our Services for Climate Controlled Storage Units

    Different variations of climate-controlled storage units are available, all suitable for various items. Our temperature-controlled services include:

    • Humidity-Controlled Storage: These units help you store delicate items that can be ruined when kept in environments with excess humidity.
    • Air-Cooled Storage: Air-cooled units blow cold air using water vapor to maintain a safe temperature. However, they are not ideal for items sensitive to humidity.
    •  Heated Storage: These units help maintain warm environments in areas with harsh winters, protecting your wooden furniture, which can expand when the temperature drops.

    Climate Controlled Storage Units Near Me in Irvine, CA – AR Moving Company

    Are you in need of climate-controlled storage in Irvine, CA? Turn to Affordable Reliable Moving Company. With our services, you can protect your irreplaceable possessions vulnerable to shifting temperatures.

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