How to Help a Hoarder Move

You might be in a position where you are wondering how to help a hoarder move. The idea of relocating an extensive collection of personal items is understandably overwhelming, but Affordable Reliable Moving and Storage has extensive experience in these situations in Austin, Texas.

Here are five of our most helpful ideas for how to help a hoarder move when they are ready:


Five Helpful Moving Tips for Hoarders

How do you help a hoarder with a stress-free relocation? Our professional list below includes clever tips for helping a hoarder move into a new home. More importantly, we cover how you can help a hoarder move out of their old house and lean on a support network when you need it.

#1 Understand the Emotions Behind Hoarding

A relocation can seem like an impossible task for individuals diagnosed with a hoarding disorder. It brings up severe stress at the thought of discarding any of their possessions, no matter how little monetary or personal value they attribute to those items. Helpers might feel compelled to jump in and throw out items, but this approach is almost guaranteed to evoke emotional complexities and exacerbate the hoarding disorder.

#2 Be Supportive and Helpful

Hoarders are very attached to their belongings. A hoarding disorder is complex, and anyone assisting will need a supportive approach. Rather than taking charge of the moving project, why not focus on compassion and possible compromise?

Someone coping with a hoarding disorder responds well to compromises that help them organize their belongings and work with someone that seems to care. It might mean agreeing to keep the items in a separate storage facility, but each individual is unique.

#3 Create a Plan of Action for Organization

Once someone coping with a hoarding disorder has committed to moving, they will need a plan. A successful move relies on the person agreeing to a strict plan beforehand to start filling boxes and moving them to the new location. It is unrealistic to try and convince people who hoard to simply let go of their possessions, especially without the professional support found in therapy.

#4 Help Remove Clutter Whenever Possible

One of the most straightforward approaches for how to help hoarders is to provide them with the tools to create a clutter-free space. The best way to do this is to offer them support from mental health professionals who can help them work through hoarding symptoms. These channels know how to help a hoarder move through their unhealthy attachments using therapy and helpful coping strategies.

Once the person has ways to handle their stress triggers, decluttering will be easier.

#5 Partner With Professional Movers

When transferring your entire life and possessions between houses, bringing in professional movers like Affordable Reliable Moving and Storage can be just as important. The number or weight of boxes will seem far less overwhelming with our professional team by your side. A supportive attitude goes a long way, and professionals take some emotion out of the task.


How to Make Moving Easier for Everyone

Now that you know more about how to help a hoarder move, you can contact the experienced moving team at Affordable Reliable Moving and Storage in Austin, Texas. You can learn more about Affordable Reliable Moving and Storage’s moving services by calling 949-635-4963 today. We can handle any job, no matter how complicated. For more details contact us today!

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