How to Move a Piano

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    Whether you need it to go upstairs, downstairs, or to a new location altogether is a tricky feat. If you are hoping to move it yourself, here are some helpful tips for the best way to move a piano.

    How to Prepare for Moving a Piano

    Here are three ways that you can prepare for how to move a piano:

    Step 1: Enlist help. You won’t be able to move a piano all on your own so enlist friends and family members to come and help you move your piano, or to hire piano movers so it’s no longer your problem. In general, it takes between four to five people to move a piano.

    Step 2: Take measurements. You need to make sure that your piano will even fit through doors and hallways. It’ll be little use if you have your friends and family show up and you aren’t able to move your piano because it is too big to fit through a door or hallway, so measure everything beforehand.

    Step 3: Gather moving supplies. Get pads, blankets, or a dolly — whatever you need to move your piano safely. If you are disassembling parts of your piano you might want to wrap up parts in soft blankets to protect them from getting scratched or damaged.

    Moving a Piano Upstairs

    When moving a piano upstairs, have at least five people and position three of them behind the piano with the other two in front of the piano. Move the piano slowly, one step at a time until you’ve reached the top.

    Moving a Piano Downstairs

    Position three or four people in front of the piano and have two people in the rear guiding and supporting it. Move the piano slowly downstairs and be very vocal with your helpers and make sure that everyone is comfortable.

    Hire a Professional Moving Company

    Another thing you may want to consider is hiring a professional moving company if you are in need of piano movers. This ensures that your piano is safely moved without risk of damage and eliminates the need for you to have to recruit friends and family to help you.

    If you are in the midst of a busy move and you don’t have time to worry about getting the gear and people together to move your piano, consider hiring a professional moving company to move your piano for you.

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