Living in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second-largest city in America. It is home to celebrities and major entertainment companies. It also is known to be ethnically diverse and filled with culture. With its warm sunny days and beautiful beaches, many people choose LA as their home.

In this blog post, we set out to answer the question: What is it like living in Los Angeles?

What It’s Like to Live in Los Angeles

LA is a great metropolitan city. However, the cost of living is pretty high, and you must weigh the pros and cons of living in Los Angeles in terms of location, transportation, and available jobs.

City, Beach, and Suburbs

When choosing where to live in Los Angeles, you can select between three places: the city, the beaches, or the suburbs. Whether you see yourself living in downtown Los Angeles or settling in on the outskirts, the city has much to offer.


  • Public transportation
  • Rideshare
  • Bike or scooter
  • Car

Jobs in LA

You can find plenty of employment in Los Angeles. However, finding a job that can pay more might be difficult. Google, The Walt Disney Studios, Nestle USA, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory are major companies that hire the most employees. Some people also use food delivery or rideshare apps to make more money as a side hustle.

LA Is the Land of Opportunity

In Los Angeles, there are many things you can enjoy.

  • Go hiking
  • Attend a concert
  • Visit art museums
  • Take part in a TV taping
  • Walk around Downtown L

Cost of Living in Los Angeles

The average cost of living in Los Angeles, California, is high: 43% higher than the national average to be precise. Therefore, it is best to have some money in the bank before moving to LA.

Tips Before Moving to LA

There are many things to consider before moving to any city, but in the case of LA, the following are vital.

1. Save Money

Consider having savings before moving. You should save at least $10,000 and an extra $5,000 for any other expenses.

In addition, to live well in LA, you should have an annual salary of at least $75,000. So, make sure to find a job that can pay you enough to live a comfortable life.

2. Car Transportation

If you own a car, consider driving it to LA. This will help save money on transportation in the city. It will also make moving your items to LA a little easier.

A car will also benefit work opportunities depending on where you live and your workplace location.

3. Pick a Neighbourhood

LA has plenty of neighbourhoods to choose from. Each has its culture and costs.

LA is separated into four sections: Eastside, Westside, San Fernando Valley, and South Bay. Some popular neighbourhoods are Downtown Los Angeles, Echo Park, Santa Monica, Toluca Lake, and Long Beach, among others.

4. Earn Enough Money

It can be challenging for people to earn a living wage in Los Angeles due to the high cost of living. Fortunately, LA is popular for rideshare and food delivery apps that residents can leverage for more earnings. However, don’t be discouraged about working multiple jobs before settling into the city.

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