How to Meet Your Neighbors: Making Friends After the Big Move

Meeting your new neighbors following a big move is something that many homeowners find intimidating. Entering a new community where you don’t know anyone and have to start building a new friend group from the ground up takes effort and consideration.

Here are five easy tips for meeting your new neighbors and making sure that your welcome into the neighborhood is well received.

1. Bring Your New Neighbors a Gift

Gift giving is a warm gesture that will instantly establish your name in the community as being a thoughtful new neighbor. Consider introducing yourself to your new neighbors by bringing them a plate of homemade cookies, a potted plant, or a bouquet of flowers.

Avoid items such as a bottle of wine as your new neighbors might not drink and a gift like this could potentially offend.

2. Throw a Housewarming Party to Meet Your Neighbors

Another wonderful way to meet your neighbors following a big move is to throw a housewarming party at your new residence. You can prepare finger food and desserts, organize a house tour, or other party games. Make sure that you invite your neighbors well in advance so that they are able to make it to your housewarming party and welcome each cordially to your home.

Remember, throwing a housewarming party as a means to meet your neighbors will give you a chance to make a good first impression and establish your relationship with them.

Don’t forget to send out thank you cards to your neighbors who attended your party.

3. Spend Time Outside

Believe it or not, spending time outside is one of the best ways to meet your neighbors fast. Spend time in the yard, gardening, or landscaping. Spend time at local shops where other people in your area seem to congregate. This will provide more opportunities for you to meet your neighbors and for them to meet you following a big move.

4. Offer to Help Your Neighbor Out if They are Working on a Project

Once the initial introductions are out of the way, try to find simple ways to help your neighbors out. If they mention that they are working on a project that you have experience doing, offer to help out. Make yourself available to get to know them and help them out when they need it and this will ensure that you and your neighbors form a lasting friendship.

5. Become a Part of the Community

Another wonderful way to meet your neighbors and plug yourself in at your new location is to get involved in the community. Become part of the community that you’ve moved to by seeking out volunteer opportunities, getting memberships in local clubs, going to community events, etc. Becoming part of your new community will ensure that you feel included in your new area and will provide lots of opportunities for meeting your neighbors and other local residents.

Moving to a New Neighborhood Soon?

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