Moving from Irvine to Aliso Viejo: all you need to know

Moving from Irvine to Aliso Viejo belongs to the group of local moving services. This type of move is a bit less complex, and we can say more relaxed. Because the main thing in this moving process is the very short distance from Irvine to Aliso Viejo, which is about 13.6 miles. So, when we talk about moving, apart from a distance, preparations, and the work that awaits you which will be taken care of by movers in Orange County CA, you need to know a few pieces of useful information. More precisely, you need to learn as much information as possible about the place you are moving to. So, if you’re moving to Aliso Viejo, a place known for having an 18-hole championship golf course designed by pro golfer Jack Nicklaus, it can be a very exciting place to live. Let’s see what this city has to offer.

What do you need to know about moving from Irvine to Aliso Viejo?

We have already said that this time it’s local moving, which is a very short distance between Irvine and Aliso Viejo. This also means that this time it’s a slightly more complex and simpler moving process, as opposed to long distances. Both places are located in Orange County, which is one of the most beautiful counties in California. Here you can find professional local movers Orange County, who will meet you with all details about your move, and of course, help you have a successful, easy and simple move. Also, regardless of the fact that it’s a local distance, which is valid for a simpler job, professional help is needed. With the hands of movers, handling your move to Aliso Viejo will be a wonderful experience for you and your family.

Girl after moving from Irvine
Moving from Irvine to Aliso Viejo will bring you a more comfortable, affordable, and interesting life.

When you decide to move, and when you choose the city in which you will live, know that it’s necessary to gather as much information as possible about your new city, in this case about Aliso Viejo. To make your life easier and simpler, and to be prepared and well informed about this new city, try to find out more information about:

  • Cost of living
  • Interesting places to see and things to do
  • Find the nearest and best shops, restaurants, and cafes
  • Business opportunities
  • Way of life, population, culture, etc.

But, in order to make this job easier for you, we decided to help you by introducing you to Aliso Viejo, one of the most beautiful cities in Orange County. Well, let’s see.

Welcome to Aliso Viejo

This small town is ideally located, just 50 miles from Los Angeles. Also, this city is located in one of the most beautiful counties, Orange County in California. Nearby are the cities of Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Dana Point, Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, and San Juan Capistrano. Once upon a time, in 1842, Aliso Viejo was a community of 6,600 acres, owned by the Moulton family, the Moulton Ranch. Today this is a small town, which can accommodate over 20,000 homes and more than 50,000 inhabitants.

Aliso Viejo Country Club in Aliso Viejo
One of the main attractions in Aliso Viejo is the Aliso Viejo Country Club.

In the last ten years, this city has been inhabited by over 3,000 people, and movers Aliso Viejo can confirm that. And now this city officially has about 54,000 inhabitants, with an average age of 26 to 38 years. The population of this city is sociable, pleasant, and kind. Every new passer-by, tourist, or neighbor will be greeted with a smile, even if they have known each other for a long time. The people of Aliso Viejo have one motto “Live, Work, Learn, Shop and Play”. Their motto can best describe their way of life. So, you will really enjoy and have fun here.

Moving to Aliso Viejo brings you an exciting, comfortable, and affordable life

What is important to people is to have a comfortable, accessible, interesting, and exciting life. When we talk about comfort in Aliso Viejo, we can say that you have available houses, apartments, but also large family backpacks. Real estate prices in this city are around $656,500, which is not a small price. When we compare it to real estate prices in Irvine where the house price is around $860,340, we can conclude that real estate in Aliso Viejo is really more affordable. Also, in Irvine, 55% of people live in rented apartments, while in Aliso Viejo, 42% live in rented homes, while 58% of residents own homes.

When we talk about daily living expenses, they are slightly above average. So, a list of living expenses will give you a clear picture of this topic:

  • Restaurant meals from $19 to $50
  • Milk (usually 1 gallon) $4.00
  • Eggs (1 dozen) $2.50
  • Bread (1 loaf) $3.00
  • Chicken fillet (1 pound) $4.40
  • Domestic beer (1 pint) $6.25
  • The average price of gasoline (per gallon) is $3.60
  • Movie Ticket (1st Run) $8.00
  • The average cost of utilities (monthly) $120.00
Houses in Also Viejo
In Aliso Viejo, you can find many nice family homes at better prices than in Irvine.

For a decent life in Aliso Viejo, you need to set aside about $5,000 a month. And what is very important is that salaries in Aliso Viejo are around 118,000 dollars per year. While in Irvine, salaries are about $15,000 lower. So, if you searching for a better life, movers Irvine CA is at your disposal. Also, here you can find a large number of good business opportunities, mostly in healthcare.

Aliso Viejo promises good fun

We already said at the beginning that Aliso Viejo is famous for its 18-hole golf course. Aliso Viejo Country Club can offer you a variety of activities on beautiful golf courses. If you don’t know how to play golf, you can enjoy the view of nature or relax in the wellness centers, exercise, or enjoy delicious food in the restaurant. All of this is located within the Aliso Viejo Country Club. And this is one of the main attractions of this city. Promising entertainment for all generations. In addition, you can find many more interesting things to do in Aliso Viejo. Hopefully, all these amenities will help moving from Irvine to Aliso Viejo be a pleasant experience.


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