Moving With a Dog is Easier Now

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    Moving house can be a stressful experience. However, when you add your pet to the equation, the logistics can become an even bigger challenge. While hiring a moving company like Affordable Reliable Moving Company makes things easier, moving with pets requires some more preparation. Here is what you need to plan for while moving with a cat (or dog).

    moving with a dog

    Give Your Pet Some Pampering Before Pet Relocation 

    Sequestering your pet at home is one option while you pack and set up the new place. However, boarding them for the day could be a less stressful solution. Moving can often take longer than you anticipate, especially if you have multiple loads to transport.

    Choose a dog-sitting professional or boarding facility that can be flexible with your time constraints and has your pet’s best interests in mind. Compare services offered (like walks or pet park field trips), experience, and pricing to find the best fit.

    Think Ahead for Doggie Living Later

    Moving into a brand-new home or rental feels refreshing. But keep in mind that your dog will soon spread his toys around or claim her spot on the carpet.

    To make cleanup (and squeaky toy searches) simpler after your new place is broken in, the place felt pads on wood floors underneath furniture. That way, you can slide the furniture around to clean – without damaging the flooring. Depending on your moving service, they may offer felt pads and even put them in place while helping you relocate. Of course, if your dog does damage to your wood floors with their nails or exuberant play, there are solutions. A good sealant can help protect wood flooring and even revive it after scratches or gauges, notes This Old House.

    Transition to New Place Slowly

    Helping your dog get to know your new home could take some time. But giving your pup some tasty treats could help them acclimate to their new environment. Jerky treats make a great snack that can also be healthy. Be sure to look for top-quality meat treats that have preservative- and salt-free ingredients. Make sure your pet’s food and water dishes are also accessible and in an area, that does not get much foot traffic. Last but not the least, quiet space can help your pooch relax and feel at home, notes Pet Central.

    Once you get all your belongings to the new place, try to maintain your dog’s routine. Bringing along their old crate, blankets, and toys can help them feel comfortable in the new house, too.

    Introduce Yourself (and Your Pup) Around Town

    Meeting your neighbors is an excellent way to make connections in your new home. Of course, if you have moved a long distance, you will also need to find a new groomer, boarding facility, veterinarian, and even a pet trainer to help your pup live his best life.

    Luxury groomers in Orange County offer pet pampering like bathing and brushing with add-ons like facials and nail trimming. You can also find local pet boarding where you can check in remotely via webcam to see how your pet is doing. In addition, if your doggie needs some training (or retraining) on basic commands or more complex behavior problems, you can find such services nearby, too.

    Moving with a cat, a dog can be an enjoyable experience. With the right knowledge and a bit of preparation, you can make the move a seamless one for you and your canine companion. In no time, you will both feel like you belong in your new home.