Office Moving: Checklist & How To

Maybe you’ve outgrown your space or perhaps you’re simply tired of the location where your current office is.

Regardless of the reason why you’ve decided to move to a different office, once the decision has been made, it’s important to start making plans to ensure that your move is easy and efficient.

Continue reading to learn more about tips for office moving, or get in touch with trusted office movers in Irvine, CA today to get the ball rolling on your relocation.

How To Plan An Office Move: 5 Tips

Here are five tips to help your office relocation go more smoothly:

  1. Call a company meeting to discuss the upcoming relocation. This will ensure that each team member has a chance to voice concerns or ask questions about the move.
  2. Appoint an office move manager. You need to have someone who’s in charge and is able to delegate moving tasks and ensure that the move is progressing according to plan.
  3. Create a moving timeline so that you know when everything needs to be done (base this off of your lease termination as well as the date that you’ll be moving into your new place).
  4. Create a relocation budget so that you know how much professional moving help you can afford.
  5. Don’t do all the work yourself — partner with a team of office movers who have experience with commercial relocations.

Office Moving Checklist

Here’s your office moving checklist to ensure that no loose ends are left untied.

  • Request office moving price estimates from local office movers.
  • Find several potential new office buildings and begin narrowing down your options.
  • Let your current lease manager know that you are terminating your lease so that they can begin the process of finding a new tenant.
  • Make mini teams within the office and delegate different tasks to each team. One team can be the packing team, another can be the loading and unloading team, and another can be your cleaning crew.
  • Take measures to ensure that all business partners and customers know well in advance that you are relocating and make sure they all know your future address.
  • Make sure that the office movers you hire have adequate insurance.
  • Transfer utilities to your new office location.
  • Backup any and all important company data prior to the move.

Benefits Of Getting Office Moving Services

What are the benefits of working with an office moving service rather than delegating all of the work internally?

Some of the benefits of partnering with a reliable office movers team include:

  • A faster, more efficient move.
  • Less stress on your shoulders.
  • Fewer trips back and forth between the two offices.
  • Most moving companies have insurance and so are capable of handling your office equipment and other potentially fragile items.

Find Office Moving Companies Near Me

If you are looking for a team of professional office movers, get in touch with Affordable Reliable Moving Company today.

Our team has over a decade of experience working with businesses as they relocate and we possess the skills and foresight to properly execute each commercial relocation.

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