Everything You Need to Know About Renting a House for the First Time

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    Moving into your first rental home is an exciting time for most people. Whether you are making the move from a small apartment or it is your first time moving out of your childhood home, renting your first house comes with a lot of perks as well as responsibilities.

    To ensure that you are prepared for your first time renting, here are five things you need to know/should do when moving into your first rental house.

    1. Make Yourself a “To Buy” List

    There are so many things you will need to make your first rental house complete and there’s no way you’re going to be able to commit all of them to memory. Make a “to buy” list and divide it into categories such as household, hygiene, furniture, food, and miscellaneous items. Common things that first-time house renters need to buy include couches, tables, chairs, toiletries, cleaning products, and dishes. This list, of course, is dependent on how furnished the house is that you are renting.

    2. Understand the Terms of Your Lease

    You should never sign on a lease unless you fully understand all of the terms and conditions of the lease. Too many renters move into their first house or apartment unaware of all of the terms and conditions of their lease before they sign. Make sure that you know if you are allowed to make changes to the house (hang pictures, paint the walls, and other alterations).

    3. Make Sure That Your Roommate is on the Lease

    If you are renting the house should have home decor products & with a roommate make sure that he/she is on the lease as well. A roommate relationship is all about trust and following through. The last thing you want is to end up renting a house out of your price range and not having your roommate follow through with their side of the deal. Make sure that your roommate situation is official and in the lease.

    4. Make an Accurate Budget

    Many first-time house renters don’t set aside the appropriate amount of money for renting their first house. They fail to plan for damage deposits and in advance rent payments. Depending on who you are renting from, you might need a security or damage deposit, your first month’s rent, or even an application fee. Make sure that you budget for and are aware of all of the upfront costs you will be responsible for when renting your first house.

    5. What About Renters Insurance?

    Some landlords require you to have renters insurance while others may not. Even supposing you are renting from a landlord who doesn’t require renters insurance, it still might be something that you want to look into for your own peace of mind. Talk with your landlord about renters insurance and if it isn’t required but you still want to get it, ask your landlord if they have an agency to recommend.

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