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      Relocating from your old place to a new home or business is always a complex project. In addition to safely packing and transporting your belongings, you also have to ensure that your furniture and other items fit comfortably in your new space. In these cases, hiring a local storage company can give you the time to organize your destination and simplify your move as much as possible.

      At Affordable Reliable Moving Company, we offer comprehensive storage services for homes and businesses of all sizes. Our safe storage solutions are ideal to maintain furniture, professional equipment, and other valuable items in pristine condition while you revamp your new office, store, house, or apartment before moving in. Check our business locations, so that we can help you serve better.

      To learn more about our storage services, and moving services, contact Affordable Reliable Moving Company and we’ll be glad to help.

      Our Storage Services

      Our storage services are designed to simplify your move as much as possible. Our warehouses are equipped with climate-controlled storage units that help maintain the perfect temperature and humidity conditions for your belongings. Whether you’re looking for commercial equipment, fine art, or furniture storage solutions, we’ll be glad to help.

      Areas We Serve:

      Irvine CA | Aliso Viejo | Los Angeles | Orange County | Huntington Beach | Corona | Long Beach | Anaheim | San Clemente | Lake Forest | Riverside | Carson | Ocean Side | Carlsbad | Costa Mesa | Mission Viejo

      Full-Service Storage

      We provide a range of full-service storage solutions suitable for all types of homes and businesses. It doesn’t matter if you need storage services for your business or residential property, our team of relocation and storage experts will be glad to help.

      Office and Commercial Storage

      Our climate-controlled warehouse storage services are suitable for computers, desks, chairs, and other items commonly found in an office building. Our commercial storage services are also suitable for other types of businesses, including stores, restaurants, cafes, and more. If you need to find a reliable storage company, contact Affordable Reliable Moving Company Today.

      Residential Storage

      We offer a wide range of residential storage services that can be tailored to your specific moving project. You can rely on our storage services to simplify your move because we can keep your large appliances and other sizable belongings in a safe place until you’re ready for them.

      Not only this, but our team can provide help with piano storage, couch storage, artwork sofa storage, and all other types of furniture storage needs.

      Why Choose an Affordable Reliable Moving Company?

      At Affordable Reliable Moving Company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our moving and storage services. Some of the advantages of working with our team of storage experts include:

      Fast and Reliable

      If you need storage help with your moving project, you have to find a company that’s fast and reliable. We have been helping customers by storing their belongings for over a decade, so we have developed a unique approach that allows us to deliver great service as fast as possible without compromising the safety of your belongings.

      Outstanding Customer Service

      Our team of white-glove storage experts has been trained to handle your items with the utmost care while delivering excellent results. When you choose our local storage company, we strive to deliver the best experience every time.

      Professional Climate-Controlled Storage

      Finding professional storage is crucial because it’s the only way to ensure your items are kept in a climate-controlled storage unit. Our warehouse is equipped with professional storage units that allow us to control temperature and other environmental factors.

      Customers that choose our storage solutions will also receive a key for their specific unit to ensure convenience at every level.

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      If you’re interested in learning more about our storage services, contact Reliable Affordable Moving to discuss your project. Our team of moving and storage experts will be glad to help!

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