Moving in with friends – common challenges

We all had that one friend that always seemed like a perfect roommate! Friendships are something to cherish and protect and moving in with friends sometimes sounds like a pretty good idea. Just like any other relocation, this one will require specific preparations. In order to do it right, you will need to maintain a good relationship with your friend and other tasks surrounding this process. There will be some stressful moments, just like in every relocation, but good and positive vibes will always take over. Let’s see what are some common challenges of moving in with friends!

Checking your inventory

Many moving companies Orange County will suggest that you make an inventory list no matter what type of relocation you have. This is due to many reasons, the most important one, of course, would be transporting and setting everything up. To make this part turn out right you will need to have great communication with your friends. You should make a list of all the items you have or plan to move to your new place. The list should include even the smallest details as they may cause huge trouble later. Think of space that you will have to share and try to balance things right from the start. After all, moving in with friends is based on being able to make great deals! 

four friends laughing
Moving in with friends should be the best experience of your life so make sure to enjoy it!

Speaking of deals, try to make one about not piling items right away. This goes on for clothes, collectibles, and the rest of the things you both own. Residential movers Orange County can offer amazing guidelines for beginners so count on that if you need to. Your new place should be spacious, neat, and fresh, and try to achieve that right away. 

Moving in with friends and making last-minute changes

You and your friends may be super close, but relocation is a serious process and requires your full attention. Last-minute changes carry certain risks and usually include paying extra money. The best thing is to try and avoid making them in general. Leave enough time for all the arrangements and don’t forget to check out some moving blogs for extra tips and tricks. Here are some issues that you may encounter if you and your friends make last-minute changes for your relocation:

  • Price may change– and this is not pleasant at all. Moving companies usually have policies about this issue but that doesn’t mean you will not have to pay extra.
  • Relocation may last longer– Movers will go along the schedule and you should do the same. If you decide to make a last-minute change when moving in with friends, think about how it will affect the relocation itself.
  • Movers may change the date– You should know that moving companies have dozens of relocations a day. In case of postponing your relocation, they may change the date completely
  • Your items may arrive late– Again, if you decide to make some changes, movers may postpone transportation as well. To avoid all of this avoid changing things as well

Remember that local movers Orange County have a lot of experience with this issue as well. They will try to assist you even then, but time is something you should not waste while moving. If you and your friends make a perfect plan in advance, your relocation will be fast and safe.

friends sitting in the park
Think of everyone’s needs before you make a final decision

Choosing the right place

This is where your friendship will blossom even more. Choosing the right place to live with your friends must be one of the most exciting things ever. And while that feeling may rush you, don’t let it confuse you. You are making some huge steps and it is important to know what to do and how to choose only the best. If you are short with time, or have trouble choose between multiple places, leave packing to packing services Orange County. This will save you huge amounts of time and work and you will be calm trying to decide. Since packing is one of the most important parts of every relocation. It is best to leave it to professionals on time. 

When choosing the right place for you, set your priorities first. This means a couple of things including:

  • Short commute to work
  • Enough space for everyone
  • Enough space for work if you work remotely
  • Enough space for pets, if any
  • Affordable for everyone

Thinking of price

No matter if you decide to buy or rent an apartment or house, you will need to go through each budget individually. Ask your friends to make a full financial plan just like you will, and then decide what may be the best option for everyone. Another great thing that can help you is asking for a moving quote from your moving company. As soon as you provide the details about your relocation, employees will have a moving estimate ready for you. After you get it, you will be able to make a much better financial plan that will give you an insight into how much exactly you may spend on other things surrounding your relocation. 

friends sitting in nature laughing
If this relocation proves to be too difficult ask professionals for help!

Since you decided to share your lifestyle with your friends, you may as well enjoy it fully. Stay organized and follow the plan for as long as you can. If you encounter some issues along the way, try to solve them calmly and effectively if possible. If not, moving companies will provide all sorts of guidelines for you. Have good communication with everyone and try to think of each other’s needs at all times. If this is the first relocation for some of you, follow some tips on how to pack in advance. Moving in with friends is an experience of a lifetime and each one of you should enjoy it to the fullest. 

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