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      Moving Services

      All moves are treated with the utmost of quality and care, using shrink wrap and blankets to cover all items. We take expert care of your belongings when they are in our hands. We start all moves with friendly hellos and introductions. Everyone on the job site is experienced and careful. We treat all items as if they were our own. Lastly, we pride ourselves on our motto “Taking the stress out of moving”. Knowing all moves are not the same, we will make every move your best move.

      Two Movers and a Truck

      This is the introductory rate for local moving. This rate covers local moves within 15 minutes of drive time. Moves outside this local range are subject to additional drive time.
      $130/hr (3-hour minimum)

      • Fuel
      • Packing Material
      • $65/hr for every additional Movers

      Delivery Services

      Use of high-grade shrink wrap to keep items clean, as well as blankets to keep items from getting damaged in moves and transport. Any delivery that requires a travel time of 30 minutes or more is subject to an additional charge of drive time. Call for more details.

      General Delivery

      This is any residential-to-residential transaction.
      $130/hr (two hour minimum)

      • Fuel


      There are a lot of moving situations that require temporary or long-term storage. Whether you just need a place to park some of your boxes for the weekend, or if you need to store all of your belongings for a number of months, we have affordable storage options for you.

      Our storage units are safe and climate controlled, so you can rest easy knowing that your boxes are in good hands during the storage portion of your move.

      To make things even easier for you, our crews can pick up your boxes and bring them to the storage unit for you. We’ll give you a key so that you can access your belongings when it’s time to move them to your new accommodation. Or, if you prefer, we can move it out of storage and to the new place for you. Our goal is to make your moving experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

      7’w x 7’h x 5’d Vault

      Our storage vaults are a great storage option for small-to-medium loads. We ensure that our vaults are safe, clean, and convenient to access. 24-hour security protects your belongings from theft and our modern facilities keep your belongings safe from environmental threats
      $95 per month
      *Storage less than 2 weeks is included in our Moves and Deliveries

      10’w x 8.5’h x 20’d Unit

      Our deep and wide storage units are ideal for large loads or moves with lots of furniture. As loading and unloading a storage unit of this size requires significant manual labor, we’d be happy to pack the unit for you and also unpack it and bring the contents to your new location when it’s the right time.
      $250-$500 per month
      *Determined on availability and season. Call us for pricing.

      Installation Services

      Do you need help moving or installing or building furniture, mounting a television, artwork? A critical part of every move is ensuring that all of your appliances are transported safely and properly installed in your new location.

      We at Affordable Reliable Moving have the tools and years of experience necessary to quickly and correctly install your applications and pieces of furniture in your new home or office.

      Packing Services

      Packing is one of the most intimidating aspects of any move. Remove this stress completely by taking advantage of our quality packing services. Our experienced packers can pack those boxes for you. Don’t have boxes? Don’t worry; we can bring our own boxes and packing materials. 

      If you’d like to go completely hands-free on your move, then you’ll love our full-service moving package. This comprehensive moving service covers every aspect of your move, from packing, to transportation, to installation on the other side.


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