Your go-to guide to Laguna Beach living

Are you tired and noxious of living in the city? Do you need to reconnect with nature and friends? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should definitely think about moving to Laguna Beach. You will find that this place is rich in culture, great community, job opportunities, and connections, and after all, quality of life is on the highest level. This your go-to guide to Laguna Beach living will be a huge help when deciding to move here. And once you read it, you should hire Affordable Reliable Moving and Storage Orange County and make sure you are relocated by professionals. Let your first impression of this place be a great and smooth relocation.

Check your go-to guide to Laguna Beach living

Moving to Laguna Beach is going to give you a chance for the most amazing life. You and your family will be happy here. And for all of you that are moving alone, you should know that you will never feel alone here. There are tons of places to see, beautiful neighborhoods with polite and friendly neighbors, and many other things. Let us check them all.

  1. Great beaches with of visiting
  2. Cultural and art scene
  3. Diverse restaurant and food scene
  4. Neighborhoods that are breathtaking
  5. Chance to have an active lifestyle
  6. Best access to work
  7. Costs of living
The view you will have after you decide on Laguna Beach living
Most amazing places are waiting for you here.

Amazing beaches are the number one thing that Laguna Beach can be proud of

The beach life is the essence of this ace. Most people hire movers in Laguna Beach because of them. Access to beaches is easy and you will not need too many hours and minutes to get there from wherever you live in Laguna Beach. Most homes here are just 5 to 10 minutes away from some beach. That s maybe most people love having vacation homes here. But for those who like this lifestyle, Laguna Beach living is something they could experience.

Beaches you must visit

  • Main Beach -the largest one
  • Crescent Bay Beach– widest one
  • Thalia Street Beach – perfect for surfing
  • Thousand Steps Beach – a lot of areas and caves for you to explore
  • Treasure Island Beach – tide pools full of crabs, starfish, and other ocean creatures

Art and cultural scene

Another reason that is uncommon is that the culture and art scenes are among the best in California. You will be able to find almost every art you can think of. And what is most important, you will be able to be part of some of them. One of the best museums and galleries you should pay a visit to are the Laguna Art Museum and Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art. 

There are also great art festivals here. One of the most famous ones is Sawdust Art Festival, which is in the summer. So if you are thinking about relocating here, make sure you contact the local movers Orange County has and plan your relocation before this festival starts.

The food scene is amazing

Laguna Beach is not popular because of the great art and beaches. You will find some great places to have dinner, brunch, taste delicious wine, etc. No matter who is moving here and for what reason, there will be something for everyone. Some of the things you should definitely search for are:

  • Great Mexican food
  • Amazing Sushi Scene
  • Restaurants with a view
  • Try steaks
  • Taste wine

If you find a place that you think will take your breath away, you can do it on your first night here. You will not have to worry about your items if you rent vaulted storage Orange County has a place for your valuables there. This way you will have a perfect night out without thinking about the safety of your belongings.

A street in Laguna Beach
Check out the best neighborhoods here if you think of Laguna Beach living

Great neighborhoods are something that defines Laguna Beach

By listing some of the best ones, you will see that there is something in each of them that will suit you. And ones you find the perfect one, hire a delivery service in Orange County. In each and every of these listed neighborhoods, you will find something suitable for your and your family. The neighborhoods are safe and most importantly, suitable for those people looking for the pace place to raise a family.

  • Tree Streets
  • Temple Hills
  • South Laguna
  • North Laguna Beach
  • South Laguna Village

Is your lifestyle active? If the answer is yes, Laguna Beach is the place for you

If you are planning to relocate here, make sure that the clothes for activities and recreation are packed last. There is a list of things and places you can see and do here to keep your active life in shape. There are parks and places that are definitely going to become your favorites:

  1. Heisler Park – this is a wonderful place for all of you who like to spend time with friends and loved ones. Having a picnic and enjoying the sun will be a perfect way to spend weekends
  2. Crystal Cove State Park – a place where you can enjoy hiking and the nice landscapes
  3. Alta Laguna Park – here you will be able to enjoy every sports activity you can think of. From baseball courts to basketball courts and simple walking trails
  4. Laguna Coast Wilderness Park – natural lakes will make you feel a little bit closer to nature and the perfect fresh air.

Water activities that will blow your mind

Since the location of this place is perfect for sports and water activities, you should definitely try swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc. It is also suitable for kids. You will be able to find a lot of activities and training for little ones. In case you are wondering how to spend the summer break, try getting your kids involved in these activities. They will be having fun and learning new skills. Plus, it will give your kids let time to spend on screens.

People playing volleyball on a beach
You will have endless fun here!

Job market and opportunities play a big role here

Living in Laguna Beach means that you will be living in Orange County. Orange County has long established itself as a business hub for a lot of industries. You can find jobs in sectors like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. FinTech has recently come here and owned a lot of positions for people in the area. Having a great job here will help you with costs of living that are a little above the national average.

Costs of living

As you have read, the costs of living are above the national average. To have a more vivid picture, check out the details. When it comes to the prices of housing, you should know next:

  • Mortgage rates are 7.4%, an increase from 5.5% 
  • Existing home sales4.53 million -13.8%
  • Single-Family home housing starts at -5.4%
  • Rent growth +6.3%

Daily costs of living

  • Milk $2.12 (average $2.03)
  • Bread $3.35 (average $3.37)
  • Hamburger $5.15 (average $4.52)
  • Doctor visits $101.25 (average $115.79)
  • Gas $3.12 (average $2.12)
  • Energy Bill $123.63 (average $165.76)

Final thoughts

Laguna Beach living is not for everyone. It is not suitable for those who do not know and do not want to enjoy their life. That is why you need to make sure you understand what you want out of your life. If that is endless fun, great neighbors, great schools, and a lot of things to do to stay healthy and in shape, then Laguna Beach is for you. The costs of living are higher, but that should not stop you from living in some of these nice neighborhoods and having fun in some of these magnificent places in Laguna Beach. So whenever you decide that it has come your time to move here, do not hesitate to contact us and make sure you have been relocated with professionals.


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